About Us


 THE NYL COMPANY was set-up in 2002 and authorized to do business at various Ports within Cameroun (Douala, Limbe, Kribi). From its genesis the company was primarily focused on suppling fresh provisions in the Port of Douala.

With time, and hard work, THE NYL COMPANY has established a dedicated Technical Department to better respond to the growing requests of its scrupulous foreign customers. Typical requests include: Refueling, Rewinding, Raft Inspections, Zodiac, Vikings, the delivery of TNT & BA Charts, Delivery to Offshore Oil Rigs with Boat Supply, Underwater Inspection with Video report/ratio and ABS certificate.

In addition to our goal of always providing customer satisfaction, THE NYL COMPANY has affiliated itself with I.S.S.A (International Ship Supply Association) since 2005, and participates in their conventions each year. 

 THE NYL COMPANY was set-up
and agreed at the various Ports
of Cameroun (Douala, Limbe,
Kribi) since 2002. From its


  THE NYL COMPANY is fully equipped with various modern facilities. We utilize new plastic baskets instead of traditional baskets in order to avoid potential health hazards; older baskets have some negative consequences, including the risk of transporting insects and ground worms.
Our (car park?) is geared to transport specific items such as fresh goods, and dry and frozen stuffs without any risk of contamination. Regarding vehicles that transport cooled products, our company abides by international conventions which adhere to internationals environmental standards from the production to vessel delivery. An example is our van which maintains the cold chain use of Freon HAS 134. Furthermore, to handle problems related to ice transportation (varied perfumes??), we have ice cane or an autonomous refrigeration box with the capacity to keep ice intact for several hours.
All these improvements are made for the crew’s health to conform to public health standards of international organizations such as WCO and the security standards institute for ISPS CODES. Thus we conform with and have received ISSA quality recognition. THE NYL COMPANY places emphasis on delivery schedules so as to avoid any breach of contract and inconvenience to our customers, as well as to avoid undue anchoring costs at any port.  No company beats our results in timely and accurate deliveries within the sub region. We deliver supplies within two to three working days upon order confirmation