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 The NYL Company, through quality of service and compliance with hygiene standards, have come to set the standard in the field.
But our reputation for excellence is not limited only to food-fresh, we also manufacture products for our customers.

 This is the main area of activities of marine bunkering in the sub region; this is due to the lack of large manufacturers. For this reason, The NYL COMPANY has engaged the best suppliers of fresh food and fruits for ship delivery. 

Additionally, we have a policy that encourages local producers to comply with international standards, such as high quality local meats at a reasonable cost.

We have also established a system for the cold foods and a packaging line that is proven and has allowed us to succeed with bulky deliveries on any type of vessel, (Tankers, SP Supply, Roro, Clunters, etc. ...)

The NYL Company has secured long-term contracts with forms like JDN that deals with channel drainage in the Port of Douala.